KEA Shell Management System

The KEA System for shell management is windows based touch screen PC specifically designed to supervise the shell manufacturing process in a fully automated shell room.

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KEA Conveyors

The KEA Automation Conveyor system is specially designed to suit customer requirements.

It is designed and manufactured with care and precision for the conveyor chain, to run smoothly enhancing the life of the mechanism.

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KEA Flow Coating Machine

KEA Automation flow coating machine is especially designed for smaller products and minimises the amount of slurry waste. It allows safe operation to be performed by any operator even using potentially hazardous yttria stabilised zirconia component slurries.

It has easily removable slurry dispersal trays.

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KEA Rainfall Sanders

The KEA Automation rainfall sander is designed and made for maximum heavy duty usage with efficient distribution of stucco material.

All models are available in many sizes to suit customer needs and requirements for manual or automatic environment.

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KEA Slurry Tank

KEA Automation slurry tanks are designed for heavy duty, long life, efficiency and consistent mixing of the slurry.

The standard heavy duty product range is available in many sizes with optional equipment for operation in manual or robotized environments.

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KEA Viscosity Control

The KEA Automation viscosity control system allows the inline monitoring and control of slurry viscosity to maintain optimum dipping conditions.

Use in conjunction with the KEA Shell Management System enables control so that when the viscosity varies by a pre programmed amount, whether due to solvent evaporation of reduction in solid content the system can be configured to automatically operate dosing pumps or other equipment to adjust the slurry parameters back into the design range.

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