KEA Flow Coating Machine

Kea Automation flow coating machine is especially designed for smaller products, and minimises the amount of slurry waste. It allows safe operation to be performed by any operator.

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It is a safe design for potentially hazardous yttria stabilized zirconia component slurries

It has easily removable slurry dispersal trays.

The flow coating machine is available in many sizes, a typical shell envelope is 450mm x 300mm dia. It is also available in larger sizes to suit all automated systems and customers’ requirement.

The coating chamber has a removable plastic liner.

The continuous distribution system for the slurry is contained in the machine with continuous agitation of the sealed supply vessel to maintain its homogeneity between product coatings. 


  • Local or Remote Starting
  • Barrel mixing station
  • Auto Cleaning Unit
  • Slurry Shield Cover Sets
  • Extended Warranty Programmes

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Based in the UK

KEA Automation was established in July 2009 as a limited Company, providing automated systems for the Investment Casting Industries Worldwide.

It is a well-respected company for its designs and manufacture of shell room equipment.

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