KEA Shell Management System

The KEA System for shell management is windows based touch screen PC specifically designed to supervise the shell manufacturing process in a fully automated shell room.

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The system is interfaced via Ethernet to the robots, conveyor systems, shell drying and peripheral equipment.

It provides control of day to day operation of the manufacturing process helping to eliminate process variability and optimise efficiency.

The System Status Screen shows a mimic of the entire system at a glance. The location of hangers and the process state of the shell is shown in real time to allow visualisation of the process and traceability of shell production with additional screens available to “drill down” to comprehensive data related to individual pieces of plant and equipment such as slurry tanks and sanders.

The conveyer designer screen allows the design of the conveyer shape for the shell management screen so the actual conveyer is represented.

The System Configuration Screen allows configuration of all options to suit the needs of the shell room. The number of hangers and conveyor levels are configurable together with ancillary equipment such as sequence control of drying fans.

Total environmental condition logging is available as standard with the option of central PC based control of the room conditions.

When the shell has completed its dipping process and unloaded, it will print out a data record of the process so a complete log of data, process times and temperatures are available for audit purposes.

Fully automatic inline viscosity measurement and compensation can ensure the slurry maintains its design parameters throughout the entire production run.

The networked system operates with either single or multiple conveyor systems, and can supervise several dipping robots simultaneously and each system is capable of internet based connection to the Service Centre at KEA to allow online diagnostic support and fault correction via Teamviewer, a highly secure remote maintenance solution.

From the time the wax pattern is placed on the conveyor until final completion of the shell, the KEA system supervises the process and maintains a computerised record of individual shell patterns for customer quality assurance.

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KEA Automation was established in July 2009 as a limited Company, providing automated systems for the Investment Casting Industries Worldwide.

It is a well-respected company for its designs and manufacture of shell room equipment.

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