KEA Viscosity Control

The Kea Automation viscosity control system allows the in-line monitoring and control of slurry viscosity to maintain optimum dipping conditions.

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Use in conjunction with the Kea Shell Management System enables control so that when the viscosity varies by a pre programmed amount, whether due to solvent evaporation of reduction in solid content the system can be configured to automatically operate dosing pumps or other equipment to adjust the slurry parameters back into the design range.

The solid stainless steel probe is designed to work right in the heart of the process. They are not affected by pipe/tank size or upset by gas or air bubbles. Inbuilt temperature measurement ensures accurate viscosity indication and control

The viscometers are based on the torsional vibration measurement technique where energy lost to the fluid is measured and converted to a viscosity value. The sensor is without moving parts, seals, crevices or bearings; it provides an updated viscosity measurement around every 1.5 seconds allowing a fantastic window in to a process. The probe can be used in virtually any size slurry tank, in any orientation without modification or re-calibration

The software package captures data from one of more viscometers, operating singly, in a point-to-point or multidrop configuration, and displays measured and calculated variables.


  • Protective Covers
  • Dosing Pumps
  • Extended Warranty Programmes

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Based in the UK

KEA Automation was established in July 2009 as a limited Company, providing automated systems for the Investment Casting Industries Worldwide.

It is a well-respected company for its designs and manufacture of shell room equipment.

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